Holidaying  with us means having the perfect opportunity to witness the ways of production, keeping and the use of extra virgin olive oil.


In 1994 we revitalised old and began planting new olive trees on particular Istrian terraces which housed the groves from the days of our great-grandparents.



  It is quite demanding to grow and look after our groves because of the special terrain. Nevertheless, this very unique setting offers large quantities of sunlight as well as airiness, which alongside the natural oil extraction results in an outstanding product – our high quality extra virgin olive oil adorned with many medals and certificates.


         We will be happy to take you for a stroll around our groves, situated 200 to 300 metres above sea level, offering breathtaking views over the River Mirna valley all the way towards Mount Učka, the highest peak in Istria.

If you wish to do so, you can contact us and join us in hand picking the olives.



          Here you can taste and buy our cold-pressed olive oil of different sorts, like for example Leccino, the single sort; Belica/Frantoio, the aromatic mix or perhaps you will go for Črnica/Bugla, the gentle mix of traditional local sorts. Furthermore, we offer homemade pickled olives and various fig treats.


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